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flexonit ® - The Fishing Wire Leader!





Flexonit is not an ordinary wire leader.

The flexonit fishing wire leader sets professional standards in terms of carrying capacity and suppleness! The main aspect is that it's knotable and also made in Germany.
The development and manufacturing process are based on finewire
technology for surgery and mirco surgery.


Why is it the best wire leader?

flexonit fishing wire leaders are flexonit is made of 7 to 133 rostproof surgery steelfibers, which are processed in a special and complex manufacturing process resulting in heavy-duty and extremely supple leaders.

Professional Fishing Wire Leaders for predator and sea anglers

The flexonit fishing wire leader is permanently matted. Light reflections are a thing of the past. flexonit fishing wire leaders are rustproof, seawater resistant, swirl-free, do not fray and are extremely resistant to abrasion.

You can choose from a wide range of flexonit fishing wire leaders - from the meter to a huge selection of ready-made leaderboards. The fact that only proven components are used here is a matter of fact at flexonit.