flexonit Wire Leader 7x7 XXL



This flexonit fishing wire leader 7x7 XXL is used when it really gets down to business! Whether in big game, deep-sea fishing or on really thick pike. Our experts swear by this leader!

flexonit 7x7 XXL Fishing Wire Leader Features



The flexonit fishing wire leader 7x7 XXL is made of 49 individual threads.
Stainless, saltwater resistant. Does not fray, low reflection surface and strong abrasion resistance.

Color: titanium



Flexonit is not an ordinary wire leader.
The development and manufacturing process of the Flexonit fishing wire leader is based in Germany.

Highest quality standards guarantee longevity and reliability!


The main aspect of this fishing wire leader is that it's knotable.

The range of possibilities is thus almost unlimited.


flexonit Fishing Wire Leader 7x7 XXL Versions


Ø mm




33,0 kg

43,0 kg

0,81 54,0 kg
0,90 65,0 kg
1,00 80,0 kg

Available lenghts:

4 m
20 m
100 m
500 m

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